Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Panorama Park Playground- Deep Cove- North Vancouver

Deep Cove's Panorama Park Playground has to be in my top four playgrounds for stunning views. The others are:

Transfer Beach playground in Ladysmith
Willows Beach playground in Oak Bay Victoria
Tulista playground in Sidney

If you've never been to Deep Cove, you should take a trip there because it's pretty, there are beaches, places to canoe, ice-cream shops and of course, places to play. The Panorama Park playground is tucked under some trees at the bottom of the steep grassy park and is a very popular stop-off point for local and visiting children. In fact, it was hard to get a photo without 10,000 kids on the equipment so you'll have to make do with what's here- including a rare glimpse of 'A' without his signature hat on. However, this is a well photographed playground and you can find a lot of quality shots online if you google it. My favourite is the Toy Society's drop #483.

There isn't a ton of apparatus here, just one big structure, but it's a good one. It's a tight little mass of platforms with lots of options for climbing up and down including curved or straight climbing walls, steps, and things for which I have no name.....disc steps? There are double metal high wavy slides, double metal low slides and also activity walls and pirate cut-outs to play with at ground level for those not inclined to climb. For those inclined to climb too high, it's great, and I made my first rescue of an over-zealous crawler- who I delivered back down to worried parents, luckily not having to explain what I was doing up there on the climbing frame in the first place!

This playground has some other interesting stuff. They have an extension that reaches out from the main structure and features a spinning cylinder to run on (anyone who can use this deserves an ice-cream-I ended up on my bum), and bike pedals to cycle with (also deserves ice-cream). This whole thing is on a woodchip floor and everything was going well until 'A' announced that it was time to go on the swings and we realized that there weren't any.

So we did the only decent thing and went up the road for ice-cream.

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