Sunday, July 26, 2009

Rey Sargent Park Playground- North Vancouver

I think that the playground in Rey Sargent Park at Lonsdale and 21st must be the smallest playground in the world. I wouldn't be surprised in fact if the rest of it is on the other side of the road and this bit simply dropped off the back of the truck when they were delivering it. In fact, I think that this might actually be the same playground on one of the BC Ferries- perhaps Students stole it for a bet?

Saying that, it's very cute and had my little boy, 'A' not been fast asleep when we drove past, (I forced the car round the block so that I could jump out and take a look) I'm sure that he would have loved it. There are a small series of platforms in the shape of a ship, with some activity wall features and set back slightly is a pudding basin. These are neatly on a woodchip base in a small grassy park with lots of shade and a bench. There are no other facilities at this location, though you could pick one of the hundred coffee shops, restaurants or stores on Lonsdale Ave if you were in need. Small is beautiful as they say, but you might want to travel further afield if you wanted a challenge for bigger kids.

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