Monday, August 17, 2009

Kinsman Spray Park Playground - Oliver

Guest review by Katherine

Right smack dab in the middle of Oliver is one of the best parks in BC, well we think so anyway. It is the Kinsmen Spray Park, that's right 'Spray' so on a hot Okanagan day you can bring your kiddlywinks here for hours of fun.

When you arrive there is plenty of shaded parking and you can get changed into your bathers in the bathrooms provided. It is a fenced park so no chance of your young ones wandering too far off while you're daydreaming in the sun or reading your latest book. You'll find plenty of picnic benches to choose from, 4 to be exact. If the tables are taken there is plenty of grass to lay your picnic blanket out on.

So off the kids run to either the singular slide, the three in one slide or the huge jungle gym (spaceship or pirate ship depending on the day to my 4 year old) where there are another 4 slides. There are 3 rocker seesaw thingamajigs too, a ladybug, a bee and a truck. If that doesn't take their interest there are still two other sets of jungle gyms to chose from and for those tiny tots there is a set of two baby swings or for the bigger boys and girls there is a separate set of 4 swings.

Now to the best part...the spray park...what can I know how kids love to play in this is for all ages and that includes us mommies and daddies, so bring a towel. The water park is only on from 9:30 to 7 just so you know and obviously just in the summer.

There are lots of large trees at this park, so plenty of shade. There are 2 other park benches for extra rest stops or just to sit a bit closer to your kiddies. There is a RV site across the road, so if you are looking to camp with kids it's a great spot. Also beside the park and the RV site is a huge paved walking trail, great for bike riding or walking the dog.

The park itself is grass with pebbles under each play equipment and the spray park is paved. It is almost kiddy corner to the local library and only 5 minutes away from the community centre which has a huge field and a great bike riding or dog walking path around it. It is also just another short walk if you head north to the Lions Park which has a small playground and a nice clean skateboarding park. But more importantly for a special treat there is a convenient store where you can find slushies and ice cream! Enough said! See you there!

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