Thursday, August 6, 2009

Michael Park- North Vancouver

Where 11th Street East and Drayton Street Meet in North Vancouver there is a lovely little park with a top-notch playground. Michael Park is a small woody triangle with easy street parking around and plenty of shade for hot days. Our boy 'A' was overjoyed to see that it was completely empty (doesn't like 'people' at the moment) and after he'd finished screaming because he saw an ant, he got distracted by the playground and ran off the test out the equipment.

There are two swing sets -on on each side of the playground each with a big kid and toddler swing. There is one main climbing structure which features climbing platform steps, a lower curved plastic slide, a higher tower with a straight bumpy slide. For a small playground like this there are a good selection of things to climb up and to hang off and a couple of really nice activity features walls, such as a climb, reach jump, measuring chart. There are also a couple of bouncy things and a great bouncy seesaw.

All of this is on a woodchip base and because it's reasonably new it's all in great condition. Apart from good picnic tables, this park is too small to have the frilly facilities such as a washroom, but it's a great stop off for a good play with lots of shade.

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