Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What on Earth is Swings and Roundabouts Vancouver?

Swings and Roundabouts was started in Victoria, BC in the Spring of 2009 by Eleanor and her 2.5 year old boy, 'A' who went on a mission to find the best playgrounds around their city. What started as a hobby has grown into an obsession and after it rained down requests to start on Vancouver's playgrounds, Swings and Roundabouts Vancouver has finally arrived....with a twist. Swings and Roundabouts Vancouver needs your help. Got a local playground, a computer and a camera? We need you to submit your own review to help us build a database of as many playgrounds in and around Greater Vancouver as possible. Scratch that....we want every single spendid or miserable playground in the whole of BC and we're going to keep on going till we get there.

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  1. Just built a holiday home in North Van and since we are from the UK and discovering the area this site is a life saver for my two kids.