Monday, July 27, 2009

Stanley Park Variety Kids Water Park- Vancouver

For anyone who hasn't been, Stanley Park is fabulous and you could spend weeks there with kids and never get bored. The Variety Water Park, located at Lumberman's Arch is one of the best water playgrounds that I have ever seen and is definitely worth a visit.

There is a blue-painted river that flows through the playground with ankle deep wading water which is especially a hit with toddlers. There are powerful water cannons, water hydrants, fountains that shoot up into the air and a bunch of giant tap-like pipes that shoot water over excited children.

One of the nice things about this water playground is that it is spread out over a decent sized area which means that there is enough room for the kids to run about. There are also two other features there, a ship type structure and a rocky climbing outcrop (fenced in) which has a waterfall tumbling over it. Situated on the edge of the water, I doubt there are many water parks around with such great views (Transfer Beach in Ladysmith could compete!) but if we're getting competitive, this is the first playground that I have seen outside of Ontario Place when i was eight that has an outdoor run-through air dryer. When I win a home makeover I might get one of these installed in my house so that I can dispense with towels completely.

Other facilities include washrooms, parking, picnic tables, shade and seasonal food concessions.

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