Thursday, August 20, 2009

Diefenbaker Park Playground - Tsawwassen

Guest review by Denise

Diefenbaker Park in Tsawwassen in one of the best parks my family and I have been to. It is a meeting of nature and kids-park in one. We love this park because it not only has lots for the kids to do and explore, it's one of the prettiest parks we've seen.
It has 2 climbing structures, with lots of great options. The blue and red climbing structure has a wood chip base, with 3 types of slides and lots of kinds of climbing gear (rope ladder, climbing wall and bars). This climbing structure offers so many options that my kids pretend it's everything from a castle to a cruise ship. As well, there is a see saw spring toy that fits 4 kids off to the side.

The beige and green climbing structure just behind it, has a sand base, 2 types of slides, a bridge, a curvy fire pole and a speaker pipe thing that connects to the other speaker about 20 feet away (Hi mom!). The sand base allows for kids to bring their shovels and pails and make some great creations.
In between the climbers there is also a set of swings, 2 toddler and 2 big kid swings.
The nature part of this park includes a beautiful duck pond with lots of ducks to feed, a small dock to walk out to and see the fish in the pond (some mighty big fish too), big beautiful cedars and willow trees surrounding the pond, a man made waterfall that you can walk up to, trails and pathways all around the park to explore and peaceful benches to sit and enjoy the beauty. This makes it a great park for photos, weddings, and family get togethers or reunions. I have done some photo shoots there myself as well as had my own family photo taken there.

There is also a huge open area that has lots of picnic tables as well as a shelter. The hills on the far side are often used in the winter (when we get enough snow) for tobogganing. These are also great for just plain hill rolling.
Two of the essentials of all parks are a bathroom and parking and Diefenbaker is well equipped with both.

I hope you enjoy this park as much as we do, hope to see you there!

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