Sunday, August 2, 2009

Lord Roberts School Playground- West End- Vancouver

Lord Roberts is a big school right in the heart of Vancouver's vibrant West-End and it's got an awesome playground. Because it's a school, it's only available to the public outside of school hours and there are no public facilities. However, if you want somewhere where kids of all ages can have a really good play, this is it!

There is so much to describe here: four main structures as well as big kid swings, a seesaw, and lots of picnic tables all on a woodchip base. The first of the climbing structures is a wooden older one with a metal slide and not much other than that. The next is an incredible sprawling mass of climbing options, with things to hang from, pedestals to stepping stone across, hanging pedestals to wobble across, rope bridges, platforms, a few activity flairs and a zip rail. There are also some bicycle-like bars that one can pedal on if their balance is good- which mine is apparently not. Sigh.

The next structure in this main big kid area is an exciting looking mess of curly slides that almost made our preschooler 'A' swoon, until he realized just how high they were and he suddenly developed an interest in the woodchips on the ground. This structure features a spiral climbing ladder, hooped ladders, a climbing wall and three fantastic static-inducing plastic slides, two curved and one curly.

The final structure seems aimed at the smaller kids and has lots of climbing options including funky 'block steps' hanging pedestals, various heights of platforms and two plastic slides- a single bumpy and a double bumpy. There are grassy areas and some shade and even though this playground can't offer a ton of facilities, it's a great play.

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